It is not possible to define all dilapidations terms precisely. Some terms such as 'repair', 'reinstatement' and 'redecoration' will depend on the contractual terms of the lease and any other licenses or other relevant documents.


• Dilapidations  A claim for all breaches of covenant or obligation relating to the physical state of a demised property at the temination of the tenancy, and usually includes items of repair, redecoration and reinstatement.
• Repair State of disrepair in a property, where there is a legal liability to remed, or undertake, work to rectify it.
• Reinstatement The return of a property to its former state prior to carrying otu works of alteration, where ther is a leegal liability to remedy, or undertake, that work.
• Redecoration The state of general finish or appearance of the property a required by the lease, where ther is a legal liability to remedy, or undertake, that work.